Année 2023

The mineralocorticoid receptor modulates timing and location of genomic binding by glucocorticoid receptor in response to synthetic glucocorticoids in keratinocytes.
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Non-overweight depressed patients who respond to antidepressant treatment have a higher risk of later metabolic syndrome: findings from the METADAP cohort.
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Burosumab for X-linked hypophosphatemia in children and adolescents: Opinion based on early experience in seven European countries.
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Response to Ovarian Stimulation for Urgent Fertility Preservation before Gonadotoxic Treatment in BRCA-Pathogenic-Variant-Positive Breast Cancer Patients.
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Combining metabolomics and machine learning models as a tool to distinguish non-classic 21-hydroxylase deficiency from polycystic ovary syndrome without adrenocorticotropic hormone testing.
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Oocyte vitrification for fertility preservation following COS does not delay the initiation of neoadjuvant chemotherapy for breast cancer compared to IVM.
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Benefit of burosumab in adults with X-linked hypophosphataemia (XLH) is maintained with long-term treatment.
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Ovarian tissue cryopreservation can be combined simultaneously with oocyte retrieval after controlled ovarian hyperstimulation.
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The follicular output rate in normo-ovulating women undergoing ovarian stimulation is increased after unilateral oophorectomy.
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Doping with testosterone and androgenic/anabolic steroids: impact on health, screening tools and medical care.
Young J.
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Plasma acetyl-l-carnitine and l-carnitine in major depressive episodes: a case-control study before and after treatment.
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Early Growth Hormone Initiation Leads to Favorable Long-Term Growth Outcomes in Children Born Small for Gestational Age.
Juul A, Backeljauw P, Cappa M, Pietropoli A, Kelepouris N, Linglart A, Pfäffle R, Geffner M.

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Major Depressive Disorder and Oxidative Stress: A Review of Peripheral and Genetic Biomarkers According to Clinical Characteristics and Disease Stages.
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Young XLH Patients-Reported Experience with a Supportive Care Program.
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Germline loss-of-function PAM variants are enriched in subjects with pituitary hypersecretion.
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Impact of Cushing’s syndrome on the gonadotrope axis and testicular functions in men.
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