Année 2024

High prevalence of venous thrombotic events in Cushing’s syndrome: data from ERCUSYN and details in relation to surgery.
Isand K, Feelders R, Brue T, Toth M, Deutschbein T, Reincke M, Kršek M, Santos A, Demtröder F, Chabre O, Strasburger CJ, Aulinas Maso A, Volke V, Pereira AM, Lohmann R, Gich Saladich I; Ercusyn Study Group; Webb SM, Wass J, Valassi E.
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Anatomy of the medial wall of the cavernous sinus: A systematic review of the literature.
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Clin Anat. 2024 Mar 12.

Anti-Mullerian hormone induces autophagy to preserve the primordial follicle pool in mice.
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FASEB J. 2024 Mar 15

Impact of exenatide on weight loss and eating behavior in adults with craniopharyngioma-related obesity: the CRANIOEXE randomized placebo-controlled trial.
Gatta-Cherifi B, Mohammedi K, Cariou T, Poitou C, Touraine P, Raverot G, Brue T, Chanson P, Illouz F, Grunenwald S, Chabre O, Sonnet E, Cuny T, Bertherat J, Czernichow S, Frison E, Tabarin A.
Eur J Endocrinol. 2024 Mar 30

A novel mutation in the NR3C1 gene associated with reversible glucocorticoid resistance.
Laulhé M, Kuhn E, Bouligand J, Amazit L, Perrot J, Lebigot E, Kamenickỷ P, Lombès M, Fagart J, Viengchareun S, Martinerie L.
Eur J Endocrinol. 2024 Mar 30

Lessons from prospective longitudinal follow-up of a French APECED cohort.
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Orthodontic treatment in children and adolescent patients with X-linked hypophosphatemia: A case-control study.
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Hormone Therapy During Infancy or Early Childhood for Patients with Hypogonadotropic Hypogonadism, Klinefelter or Turner Syndrome: Has the Time Come?
Fiot E, Léger J, Martinerie L.
Endocrinol Metab Clin North Am. 2024 Jun

Clinical and therapeutic implications of cavernous sinus invasion in pituitary adenomas.
Lefevre E, Chasseloup F, Hage M, Chanson P, Buchfelder M, Kamenický P.
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Gonadotropic status in adult women with pituitary stalk interruption syndrome.
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Eur J Endocrinol. 2024 Jun 5

High prevalence of hypercalcitoninemia in a large cohort of adult and paediatric patients with PTH resistance syndromes.
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